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The Mark Miller Collection

The Largest Collection of Antique Skis, Snowshoes and Sleds In The Country!!

Why feel comfortable in purchasing from us:

Three simple reasons:

1) We are passionate about winter antiques.
2) We have assembled the largest collection of antique skis, snowshoes and sleds in the country.
3) Winter antiques and lacrosse sticks are what we do, and ONLY what we do, so through painstaking research we restore them when necessary to the exact specifications of their original inception-often 100+ years ago

We at Antique Skis are committed to taking care of our customers. We accomplish this by constantly seeking out only the best winter antiques to ensure you have access to authentic, original items in great condition from different parts of the country and around the world! Once we find the antique skis, snowshoes and sleds, we take great care in passing along the stories of where they came from and restoring them to the exact specifications of their original inception often 100+ years ago which is done through painstaking research, and then getting them ready for sale.

Our research has led Mark to be known worldwide as the 'Antique Ski Maven' appraising museums, and collections throughout the country and when the Smithsonian needs winter antiques, they come to us. Once the items are restored and carefully packaged, your antique purchase is sent on its way to you followed by tracking information. We are proud to offer only the best winter antiques which can become heirlooms to future generations.

We appreciate you taking the time to learn about the Mark Miller Collection, and are confident to earn your business and maintain complete customer satisfaction since 1989.

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