Antique Walking Stick 5 Badges Medallions Stocknagels 35 Inches Long

A stunning authentic antique walking stick measuring 35 inches long, with a 2 1/4 inch ferule, adorned with 5 badges otherwise known as medallions or stocknagels.

The walking canes are in excellent condition, beautiful brown color, with very slight signs of use, if any repairs - usually done by the hiker, normal wear and in original, as found condition.

See below for more information, some closeup pics of the 5 badges and the history of these badges on the walking sticks!

Avid hikers would adorn their treasured staffs with small trinkets or medallions depicting the conquered territory, its features, or inhabitants.

The collecting of hiking staff medallions also known as stocknagels is a long-standing European tradition that began in the Alps region of Europe back in the 1800's.

Natural wood, handmade, walking sticks or canes originate from Germany, Austria, and Italy and date from 1900 to 1945.

The badges, called stocknagels, attached to the canes, are a right of passage to depict the many mountain visits a long time ago.

Every mountain they climbed, every place they visited by foot, the people used to buy a badge or stocknagel from the environment and the villagers attached the badge on the cane with a small hammer and two small nails. It was a very serious matter, and a great honor. Every badge offers a decorative honor, and brings you a piece of history.

They wear badges from the German Forests, the Black Forest, Schwarzwald, the Alps, Tyrol, Bayern, Italy.

Please look at the pictures - these beautiful walking sticks are high quality, hand made, original, very old, primitive folk art from European people from 1900-1945.

Part of the Mark Miller Antique Ski's Collection.

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